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The University of Toronto Cup is a two-day undergraduate mooting competition dedicated to the pursuit of progress and excellence in the law. It will take place February 9th-10th, 2019.


In partnership with the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, the UofT Pre-Law Society’s Mooting Board is hosting the third annual U of T Cup in February of 2019. Building off of two years of successful undergraduate mooting tournaments, our next year will be focused on improvement.

While many undergraduate students express an interest in the law, there are often few opportunities to engage with it in the way mooting does. The U of T Cup allows students to begin developing and honing skills that they will take with them to law school and beyond. In this way, students have the opportunity to engage with critical legal issues early on in the educational journeys.

The cases we choose address broad topics within the law that introduce students to some of the fundamental balances and tensions of the legal realm. Our inaugural cup featured R v Singh, a case that explored the extent to which we must uphold individual rights. Competitors had to navigate the careful balance between coercion and legitimate persuasion through an examination of the right to remain silent and the societal interest of allowing police officers to obtain critical information by means of persuasion. Our second case was Ktunaxa Nation v British Columbia, a landmark Indigenous rights case that explored the extent of the right to religious freedom in Canada. We are pleased to announce that this year’s case will be R v Mackenzie. This case focuses around s. 8 of the Charter, and the admissibility of evidence in drug-related searches.

In addition to the benefits of exposure to legal education early on, mooting also allows students to connect with like-minded peers and legal professionals. Competitors make lasting friendships in the undergraduate mooting community with those that will become their future classmates and co-workers. By engaging with an esteemed group of judges made up of law students, lawyers, and judges, students gain insight into potential career paths and different areas of the law. In this way, mooting provides an unparalleled networking opportunity in law at the undergraduate level, for all competitors.

Legal advocacy and education is critical in solving the pressing legal issues of the present and future. We encourage all interested participants to take this opportunity to develop their skills, learn more about the legal profession, and bond with their peers.

We welcome all new and returning participants, judges, and guests to the University of Toronto, and look forward to providing you with another phenomenal weekend at the 2019 U of T Cup.


Ema Ibrakovic and Stefan Rus

U of T Pre-Law Society Mooting Directors

Co-Chairs of the U of T Cup 2019