Meet the Team



Stefan Rus (left) and Ema Ibrakovic (right)

Stefan is double majoring in International Relations and Economics. This year, he is returning to the role of Mooting Director. He hopes, along with his co-director Ema and the Moot Board, to put all the experience and feedback from the past year to use and bring you an even better Mooting Program, a more connected moot team, and a bigger U of T Cup. Stefan became involved with UTPLS in his second year when he tried out mooting starting with Capital Cup at Carleton. He has since been competing regularly, and co-chaired U of T’s undergrad moot last year. He’s mostly spent the summer relaxing, including travelling to Japan and the Grand Canyon for the first time. If you have any questions for Stefan, you can contact him at

Ema is studying Ethics, Society, & Law; Political Science; and Philosophy. This year, she is returning for a second term as Mooting Director, and is looking forward to refining and improving the U of T Cup, building a tighter-knit Moot Team, and exploring interesting legal issues. Ema started mooting in her second year, deciding to compete in a tournament on a whim. Her favourite moot case to date has been R v. Jordan, a case about the right to a timely trial. Ema is also involved with the Ethics, Society, & Law Students’ Association, on which she serves as President. If you have any questions for Ema, you can contact her at



Talia Holy

Talia is double majoring in Political Science and Women & Gender Studies, with a minor in Sexual Diversity Studies. In her role as Communications Officer, she’s looking forward to combining her passion for law with her practical skills in media management, design, and content creation. She believes in the power of mooting to help foster critical thinking skills and interrogate our presupposed beliefs surrounding law, justice, and state institutions. In addition to her position on the Moot Board, Talia also serves as the Communications Manager of the U of T Canadian Politics Society. 



Nick Buhite

Nick is double majoring in History and International Relations. In his second year serving as the Moot Board’s Finance Officer, he looks forward to using his experience in fiscal management to help introduce mooting to others. Over the years, he has greatly enjoyed participating in U of T’s Moot Program. He first became interested in law through volunteering in a local pretrial diversionary program for juvenile offenders at the Florida 13th Circuit, known as Teen Court, and a high school internship with his local State Attorney’s office. 



Harper Stewart

Harper is studying political science. In her position as Logistics Officer last year, Harper had a great time putting on events like Moot Camp and the 2018 U of T Cup. She’s excited to be back, making these events better than ever. Harper has been involved with the Undergraduate Mooting program since her first year and enjoys it greatly. She believes that mooting is a fantastic way for undergraduates to both understand law, and engage with it in a productive way. She also believes it builds confidence and public speaking skills— key to pursuing a career in law.



Robin Dinesh

Robin is double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science, with a minor in Semiotics and Communication Studies. Robin is excited to hold the position of Logistics Officer as it connects the simulated aspects of mooting to the real world of legal discipline and its highly qualified professionals. She is passionate about law as she believes it is a field which thrives on the exercise of reason, and is a key pillar of Canada’s democratic institutions. Robin is also the News Editor for The Strand at Victoria College. 

Ben MacLean-Max.JPG


Bill Xu (left), Andrea Ho (middle), and Ben Maclean-Max (right)

Bill is double majoring in Peace, Conflict & Justice Studies and Ethics, Society, & Law. As a Team Captain this year, he hopes to pass on as much knowledge and information as he can to make others’ experiences as enjoyable as possible. Mooting has allowed Bill to engage in legal reasoning and public speaking. Through mooting, Bill has met a group of dedicated, talented, and like-minded friends, in addition to improving his interpersonal and public speaking skills.

Andrea is double majoring in International Relations and Neuroscience, with a minor in History. She’s excited to be a Team Captain this year because it allows her to continue developing her skills in legal analysis, in preparation to train new mooters. It also offers her the unique opportunity to cultivate a strong mooting community through facilitating mentoring opportunities within the moot team. Through mooting, she has learned to appreciate the certain beauty in the presentation of a legal argument and the nuances of legal theory and case law. In particular, Andrea is drawn to cases which address Charter challenges or contentions within the field of criminal justice.

Ben is majoring in Peace, Conflict, & Justice, with a double minor in Philosophy and Women & Gender Studies. As someone who likes introducing people to things he’s passionate about, Ben is excited to help new motors find their feet as a Team Captain this year. He’s also looking forward to working with all the amazing people on the Moot Board and moot team. He started mooting last year and loved its purpose in exercising legal reasoning and critical thinking (plus the high of thinking on your feet!).