Here is a selection of testimonials from members of the University of Toronto Mooting community about the values and benefits of taking part in Undergraduate Mooting competitions.  


Teodora Pasca

Why do you moot?

I love to talk through legal problems, but ideally, I’d rather do it when I’m fully informed. Mooting offers me the opportunity to get intimately familiar with various legal issues. In addition, the experience of standing in front of a panel of judges and firing back the answer to each of their questions in succession is unparalleled.

How do you think mooting will help your future career in law?

My dream job would have me spending at least a few hours a week in court. For me, being able to see how the legal issues we discuss in class play out in case law is a valuable educational experience. But what I will take away most from mooting is the way it’s taught me to think on my feet — an invaluable skill in any profession.

Lucian Wang

What are your legal interests?

I became interested in the law primarily from an academic perspective.Legal issues remind me of a complex puzzle that has to be pieced together from varying (and often conflicting) sources; solving that puzzle to produce a cohesive argument is a rush. I enjoy both the complex analysis and effective delivery that are necessary to be a great lawyer, and I am motivated by the logical nature of the law.

How do you think mooting will help your career in law?

I think moot court is one of the best things an undergrad interested in law can pursue, and have whole-heartedly recommended it to many people. Moreover, reading and analyzing situations through a legal and logical lens helps develop an objective outlook and analyze issues both in the lab and in my essays more clearly. Moot court has provided me with an incredible learning experience, both as a competitor and a facilitator, that will definitely assist me in the legal field.

tatiana ferrara

How do you think mooting will help your future career in law?

The benefits of mooting extend beyond the competitions. It enhances my public speaking skills and helps to critically think about how to construct persuasive arguments. Also, it teaches the value of teamwork. Being exposed to mooting provides me an opportunity to develop these skills, which are absolutely necessary to be successful in law.